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When creating a custom game, you feel free to turn on/off the following options. At all case, as the party has not yet started.
However, when creating a classic SOLO game, the options are enabled/disabled on the basis of their default configuration. To change this setup, it is necessary to modify the Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Total_War_0.94\Assets\XML\GameInfo\CIV4GameOptionInfos.xml file, and change the 'bDefault' tag (value 0 to disable, value 1 to enable).
  No epidemics

     -This option eliminates any chance of the occurrence of an epidemic in cities plagued by a high level of disease.

  No pirates

     -With this option, no pirate unit can appear in any coastal city.

  No protectorates

     -Disable the ability to install a protectorate in a new conquered city.

  No Scientific/Commercial/Cultural Pacts

     -Disable Diplomat Great Persons and, inconsequential, their ability to sign scientific/commercial/cultural pacts.

  No slavery

     -Prevents the emergence of slave units, in any situation whatsoever.

  No prohibition resolution in UN

     -Disable the ability, for the UN Secretary-General, to propose to vote, the disappearance of a type of resource.

  No Olympic Games

     -With this option, Olympic Games can't be founded.

  No corporations

     -This option prevents the creation of any corporation, and disables the screen dedicated to this concept.

  No spy captured

     -With this option, the spies have no chance of being caught after a mission (but they can still be murdered, of course).

  Strenght handicap for human players

     -With this option, the units of human players suffer a constant penalty of strenght, determined by the chosen difficulty level.

  No Monopoly

     -This option disables the concept of monopoly, the effects associated with them, but also the economic victory type.

  No religion persecutions

     -This option prevents players to chase a religion of one of their city. Citizens continue to hunt nonetheless religions poorly implemented, and espionage missions aimed at driving a religion opponent of a city, have always ongoing.

  No impact from Import/Export of cultural resources

     -With this option, the import of cultural resources does not penalize the production of culture. And the export of cultural resources no longer generates a bonus.

  No mercenaries

     -This option disables the buying/selling mercenaries screen. It is installed by default because the concept of mercenaries may still contain errors.

  Technologic options

     -This option gives each player, bonuses to a small number of technologies, a bit like a single unit, but more uncertain. This option is disabled by default as this concept has not yet been completed.

  Pas de Constitution/Concile

     -Disable creation of any collegial constitution for international institutions.

  Permanent help

     -Pops bubbles aid to introduce the new concepts of Total War Mod. This option can be revived/disabled via the options screen of the player. However, in each new game, it is enabled by default.

  Strong Armours

     -Some modern units can't be destroyed by some ancient units.

  Active Senate

     -The Senate (with Universal Suffrage or Representation) can cancel your declarations of war or sign a peace treaty

  No barbarian epidemic

     -Prohibits any disease in barbarian cities

  No barbarian cities emergence

     -Prohibits barbarian cities to become a new civilization

  No new civilization further to a barbarian conquest

     -Prevents the creation of a new civilization further to a barbarian conquest

  Dynamic Universal Suffrage

     -Authorize the holding of elections to allow people to change leader